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A Place of Excellence

A good workplace is fundamental to allow our staff focusing on their works and pursuing excellence. Our management pays attentions to different aspects constituting a better workpace.


Occupational Safety and Health

Safety in work place is one of our top priorities. Our safety team routinely conducts inspection to identify all hazards to make Green Island Cement a safe place to work in.

We have a safety system in place and we accredited ISO 18001 so as to monitor and review the effectiveness of our safety system. We also adapt 5S in our workplace to improve efficiency and foster a more comfort and safe environment for all of our staff.

MTE Workshop

Maintenance Workshop

Control Room

Production Control Room

Chemical laboratory

Chemical laboratory


Facilities for Employees

We have a clinic and a canteen in our plant. Our staff receive medical treatment right at the plant free of charge and have their meals at low prices. We also have a spacious training room for conducting various trainnings regularly.

Clinic   Canteen   Training Room

Smoke-Free Workplace

We support Smoke-free Workplace Campaign! Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health (COSH) organizes the Hong Kong Smoke-free Leading Company Awards regularly, and promotes creating a smoke-free atmosphere and supportive environment for smokers to quit smoking and reduce peer group influence.

We won Gold Award among 480 companies in 2016.


Smoke Free Award (2017)


Employee Assistance Programme

We launched Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) to help our employees to deal with troubles in work and their family life and strive to resolve their concerns in view of dynamic needs from all directions. We employed an consulting company to provide one-stop professional services for personal counselling and consultation which help our employees to due with:

  1. work stress
  2. psychological health
  3. interpersonal relationship at work
  4. career development
  5. marriage and household issue
  6. retirement preparation and other problem

We provide a comphrensive fringe benefits include medical scheme, dental scheme, insurance scheme and education allowance. We also provide company coach and canteen.

Recreational Activities

We organize various recreational activities from time to time, including sports and visits / site-seeings. We also participate various charity events and have a staff birthday party every month.

Staff Outing 2016 Ha Pak Nai 2015 Birthday Party
Staff Outing BBQ in Ha Pak Nai Monthly Staff Birthday Party