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GIC Sustainability Report 2020 (Covers 2017 - 2018)


We are pleased to present our second Sustainability Report (the Report), which covers our sustainability performance from 01/01/2017 to 31/12/2018. The Report highlights our approach to sustainability in our operations in Hong Kong and Mainland China, with an emphasis on Hong Kong. Our key performance data are shared throughout the Report in order to show progress and provide transparency and additional performance data can be found in the content index.


Cover and Contents 封面及目錄
Message from the CEO 行政總裁寄語
About this Report 關於本報告
About GIC 關於青洲英坭
Our People 關愛員工
Our Environmental Impact 保護環境
Our Partners and Suppliers 合作夥伴及供應商
Our Customers and Community 客戶及社區
Appendix 附錄
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GIC Sustainability Report 2018 (Covers 2015 - 2016)


GIC is proud to launch this sustainability report, our first. It covers two fiscal years from 01/01/2015 to 31/12/2016 and is prepared in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative's ("GRI") Sustainability Reporting Standards and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting Guide ("ESG Guide"). The scope of the report entails our three core business locations, namely Green Island Cement Company Limited ("GIC") located in Tap Shek Kok, our Hong Kong Division, the Guangdong GITIC Green Island Cement Company Limited ("GGGIC") and Green Island Cement (Yunfu) Company Limited ("GICYF") in our Mainland China Division. Our limestone and shipping business is not included in this report.


Green Island Cement - Who we are 關於青洲英坭
CEO's Message 行政總裁寄語
About this Report 關於本報告
The Nature of Our Business 業務性質
Stakeholder Engagement and Materiality 持份者參與及重要性
Past and Present 過去與現在
Our People 關愛員工
Occupational Health and Safety 職業安全與健康
Environment 保護環境
Our Partners 業務夥伴
Our Commitment 目標承諾
Index for Sustainability Reporting Guidelines 可持續發展報告指標索引

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