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Our employees are our most valuable asset. At GIC, as one of our core values we strive to build a harmonious, engaging family friendly workplace. We maintain a suite of policies and best practice to retain a cohesive workforce with a high sense of belonging. We attribute this to our approach of ensuring that employees are treated fairly and equally and that we are responsive to their needs.

員工是我們最重要的資產,為同事建立和諧共融及令人投入的家庭友善工作場所正正是青洲英坭的核心價值之一。我們制定一系列的政策及最佳常規去提高員工對公司的歸屬感,從而打造出上下一心的工作團隊。 這方面的成功全因公司盡力確保員工獲得公平和平等對待,並積極回應他們的需求。

We faced numerous challenges and uncertainties across all aspects of our business in recent years. While maintaining our cement production, caring for the health and wellbeing of employees was and will continue to be one of our top priorities. Our company’s management took the lead to express the company’s care and for encouragement towards all employees. A suite of responsive measures have been implemented to safeguard the health of our employees, ensure job security and foster a spirit of optimism in the workplace. We compiled Positive Statement E-book to collect encouraging messages from our employees, and then published the E-book which consisted of over 400 cheering messages from them. The E-book has served as an effective psychological support to our employees so as to enhance staff morale.


Group Photo - SHE Day

We support a healthy lifestyle and a work-life balance. The Company completely supports various recreational sports, including venue arrangement and logistic support, in order to promote the health of our members. 公司提倡工作與生活的平衡和健康的生活方式。為促進員工健康,公司全力支持同事各項公餘運動項目,當中包括場地安排及配套支援。

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2022 X'mas Party2022 聖誕聯歡會
Ping pong match

Ping Pong Match乒球賽

Baskell Ball Team

GIC Basket Ball Team青洲籃球隊

Football match

GIC Soccer Team青洲足球隊

HWL Group Sport & Family Day 2006

Every year, "CKI International Family Day" brings our group members from around the world together to enjoy this joyous occasion with our families. 每年,“長江基建國際家庭日”都會讓來自世界各地的團隊成員聚在一起,與家人一起享受這個歡樂的時刻。


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