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Green Island Cement Company Limited is a local leading cement manufacturer and distributor of cement and cementitious products in Hong Kong. We are dedicated to maintain our “Green Island” quality label in the industry with environmental friendly production process and develop our environmentally related activities on global basis.

The holding company, Green Island Cement (Holdings) Limited, is a wholly owned subsidiary of CK Infrastructure Holdings Limited (“CKI”). CKI is the largest publicly listed infrastructure company in Hong Kong with diversified investments in Energy Infrastructure, Transportation Infrastructure and Infrastructure Related Business. CKI has operations in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the Philippines.

Green Island Cement was founded in 1886 at Ilha Verde (Green Island) in Macau, with its incorporation in Hong Kong on the 03/01/1887. It is, therefore, one of the oldest companies still operating in the Territory.

The Group now operates the only integrated cement plant in Hong Kong and has two cement operations in South China. The shipping and mining activities together form the arms of the group to maintain its interest in South East Asia. In addition, the Group is also aggressively seeking other business opportunities in environmental development.





Company Mission


  • To maintain "Green Island" as a quality label.
  • To maintain Green Island's position as the leading manufacturer and distributor of cement and cementitious products in Hong Kong.
  • To maintain an environmental friendly production process which enhances an efficient and effective waste management feature.
  • To develop and expand on a global basis the Company's environmentally related activities.
  • 保持「青洲」作為質量標籤。
  • 維持青洲英坭作為香港水泥及水泥相關產品製造商及分銷商的領導地位。
  • 保持環保的生產程序,增強高效和有效的廢物管理功能。
  • 在全球範圍內發展和擴大公司的環境相關活動。

Our Core Values


Green Island Cement considers “sustainable development” as our vision. We strive to achieve the balance between industrial development and environmental protection, and believe they are both equally important. We value corporate social responsibility and safety of our employees, products, contractors, factories and community. We encourage continuous innovation to maintain our competitive edges in the market.


We are always customer-oriented. We provide reliable logistics support with high-quality products and after-sale service. Our products are distributed to clients in 45 kg cement bag or in bulk to serve customers’ needs.


Company Commitments


As a responsible member of our society, Green Island Cement cares about people and the environment in a proactive manner. Our goals are to provide quality products and services to meet the expectations and needs of our customers and the community. We work towards these goals through the use of an integrated quality, environmental, safety and health management system.

We evaluate objectives and targets of significant aspects periodically according to the documented framework. We gear on continual improvements on quality, pollution prevention, environmental preservation, safety, health, and welfare of involved parties.

We commit to comply with legal and other requirements, and to excel ourselves beyond regulatory compliance. We endeavor to minimize risk and adverse impacts caused by our operation.

We will communicate this policy to all of our employees and make it available to the public, as a means to ensure their understanding, commitment, and active involvement. A set of guiding principles is disseminated to direct the development of our activities, products and services.

  • To conduct our business in a responsible manner meeting the balanced environmental, safety, health and economic needs for the sustainable development of our community.
  • To use natural resources efficiently, minimize wastage and exploit recycling opportunities whenever practicable.
  • To reduce pollutant emission and environmental contamination through employment of improvement plans and best practical measures whenever possible.
  • To establish an effective safety and health management system to minimize the exposure of health and safety risk to our staff.
  • To minimize industrial injuries, as we understand nothing can compensate the pain of the injured family.
  • To develop existing process in serving the community through innovation, research and partnership.

作為社會的一分子,青洲英坭以積極主動的態度關心人與環境。我們的目標是提供優質的產品和服務,以滿足客戶和社區的期望和需求。 我們通過使用綜合的質量、環境、安全和健康管理體系來實現這些目標。



我們將向所有員工傳達本政策,並將其提供給公眾,以確保他們的理解,承諾和積極參與。 傳播一套指導原則,以指導我們的活動,產品和服務的發展。

  • 以負責任的方式開展業務,滿足社區可持續發展的平衡環境、安全、健康和經濟需求。
  • 有效利用自然資源,盡量減少浪費,並在可行的情況下運用回收機會。
  • 盡可能通過採用改進計劃和最佳實際措施,來減少污染物排放和避免造成環境污染。
  • 建立有效的安全及健康管理制度,以盡量減少員工面對的健康及安全風險。
  • 盡力減少工傷意外,因我們明白,沒什麼可以補償受傷員工家庭所承受的傷痛。
  • 通過創新,研究和夥伴關係合作為社區服務開發現有的流程。

Awards & Recognitions


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Award Year Organization
Occupational Health Award
Excellence Award
2021 - 2022 Occupational Safety and Health Council
Caring Company Award 2006 - 2022 The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
Happy Company 2014 - 2022 Promoting Happiness Index Foundation
Good MPF Employer Award 2014 - 2022 Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority
ERB Manpower Developer Award 2014 - 2022 Employees Retraining Board
Hong Kong Green Awards, Green Management Award (Corporate)
2019 - 2022 Green Council
The HKIE Enginpreneurs Award
Certificate of Merit (Waste heat reclamation)
2021 Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
Partner Employer Award 2018 - 2021 The Hong Kong General Chamber of Small & Medium Business
BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards EcoChallenger
5 yrs+ EcoPioneer Companies
2017 - 2021 Federation of Hong Kong Industries
Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence - Manufacturing and Industrial Servcies
2019 - 2020 Environmental Campaign Committee & Environmental Protection Department
CLP's Smart Energy Award
Excellence Peak Demand Management Award
2020 China Light & Power Group
The Hong Kong Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Logo Enterprise Category + Volunteer Team 2014 - 2020 Hong Kong Productivity Council
Social Capital Builder Award 2018 2018 - 2020 Labour & Welfare Bureau (Community Investment & Inclusion Fund)
Joyful @ Healthy Workplace Best Practices (Excellence) Award 2018 - 2019 Occupational Safety & Health Council
BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards
2018 - 2019 Federation of Hong Kong Industries
Hong Kong Smoke-free Leading Company Award
2016 & 2019 Hong Kong Council on Smoking & Health
Family - Friendly Employer 2016 - 2018 Home Affairs Burear & Family Council
Good Employer Charter 2018 Labour Department
Hong Kong Green Awards, Green Management Award (Corporate)
2017 - 2018 Green Council
CLP's Smart Energy Award
Peak Demand Management Outstanding Award
2018 China Light & Power Group
Better World Company 2012, 2015 & 2018 Junior Chamber International Hong Kong
CLP's Green Plus Award (Industry)
2017 China Light & Power Group
International Day of Persons with Disabilities
18 Districts Caring Employers Award
2014 - 2017 Labour & Welfare Bureau (Rehabilitation Advisory Committee)
Silver Award (as a supporting organization of our Youth Employment Support Services Programme) 2017 The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong
HKCMA Directors' Awards for Health & Safety & Environmental Excellence 2016-17
Best Health, Safety or Environmental Initiative Award
Certificate of Merit
2017 Hong Kong Construction Materials Association
獎項名稱 年份 頒發機構
2021 - 2022 職業安全健康局
商界展關懷 2006 - 2022 香港社會服務聯會
開心工作間 2014 - 2022 香港提升快樂指數基金
「積金好僱主」 2014 - 2022 強制性公積金計劃管理局
「人才企業」嘉許 2014 - 2022 僱員再培訓局
香港綠色企業大獎: 優越環保管理獎(企業)
2019 - 2022 環保促進會
The HKIE Enginpreneurs Award
2021 香港工程師學會
「友商有良」嘉許計劃 2018 - 2021 香港中小型企業總商會
2017 - 2021 香港工業總會
香港環境卓越大獎 - 製造業及工業服務
2019 - 2020 環境運動委員會、環境保護署
2020 中華電力有限公司
香港傑出企業公民嘉許標誌(企業組別及義工隊組別) 2014 - 2020 香港生產力促進局
社會資本動力獎2018 2018 - 2020 勞工福利局 - 社區投資共享基金
好心情健康工作間大獎(企業/機構組): 卓越機構大獎 2018 - 2019 職業安全健康局
2018 - 2019 香港工業總會
2016 & 2019 香港吸煙與健康委員會
家庭友善僱主 2016 - 2018 民政事務局、家庭議會
好僱主約章 2018 勞工處
2018 中華電力有限公司
香港綠色企業大獎: 優越環保管理獎(企業)
2017 - 2018 環保促進會
環球愛心企業 2012, 2015 & 2018 國際青年商會香港總會
2017 中華電力有限公司
2014 - 2017 勞工及福利局 - 康復諮詢委員會
銀獎(作為青少年就業支援服務計劃的支持機構) 2017 香港小童群益會
2017 香港建築業物料聯會



Mr. TSANG Pak Chung, Eddy

Chief Executive Officer of CKI Materials - Green Island Cement (Holdings) Limited, Green Island International (BVI) Limited, Green Island Environmental Limited and Anderson Asia (Holdings) Limited. He joined the CK Group in January 2005. He holds a Master's degree in Commerce and a Bachelor's degree in Economics. He is a member of the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Chartered Governance Institute. He is currently the Chairman of the Hong Kong Construction Materials Association, a fellow member of the Institute of Quarrying in the UK, and a committee member of Committee on Construction Business Development of Construction Industry Council.



Mr. Donald William JOHNSTON

Executive Director of Anderson Asia (Holdings) Limited, Green Island Cement (Holdings) Limited and Green Island International (BVI) Limited. He has been with the CK Group since 1988. He holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering and is a Chartered Professional Engineer. He is a Member of the Institute of Engineers (Australia) and a Fellow of the Institute of Quarrying.



Mr. LAM Chun Biu

Director of Green Island Cement Company Limited. He has been with us since 1982. He started to take charge of cement plants in China since 1994. From July 2018, Mr. Lam is fully responsible for our Hong Kong and PRC Cement Plant Operations as well as the newly acquired cement grinding plant and jetty operation business in Yunfu. He holds Bachelor’s Degree of Science.



Mr. CHOI Ka Keung

Director of Green Island Cement Company Limited and Green Island Environmental Limited. He has been a core member of our Green Island Cement management team since 1983 and has overseen the development of our cement plant in HK. Currently, he will spearhead the operation of our Environmental Business Unit and be fully responsible for all our ongoing and future environmental projects. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Science.



Ms. NG Mei Yuk, Ophelia

Finance Director of Green Island Cement Company Limited. She started her career with us in 1989. She is an associate member of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and a fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. She holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.



Mrs. MA LO Kam Wah, VirginiaGeneral Manager of Group Human Resources and Administration, is responsible for Group's human resources, administration, security, fire services and safety of Group Companies in business of cement, asphalt, shipping and other resources trading.


Our Business


Hong Kong Cement Division


The division is operated under Green Island Cement Company Limited (GIC) with the only integrated cement facilities in Hong Kong. The designed capacity of cement grinding and clinker production annually are 2.5 million tonnes and 1.5 million tonnes respectively.

In addition to Ordinary Portland Cement, GIC produces high early strength and low alkaline cement in Hong Kong and cement products are traded under the brand names of Emerald, Golden Eagle and Special Green Island in assorted packings of 45kg bag as well as in bulk.


除了波特蘭水泥,青洲英坭還在香港生產高早期強度和低鹼性水泥,水泥產品並以青洲(Emerald)、金鷹(Golden Eagle)和青洲牌(Special Green Island)等品牌名稱,以散裝形式和45公斤袋裝發售。

Mainland China Division


The Group owns three cement plants in Yunfu, Guangdong Province.

Guangdong GITIC Green Island Cement Company Limited is a joint venture operation with a capacity of 800,000 tonnes per annum. The plant is located 5 kilometers from Yunfu City (a city in the western part of Guangdong Province). The nearby Xijiang Liudu Harbour and direct national highway and rail links provide convenient access to other neighboring provinces in China.

Green Island Cement (Yunfu) Company Limited is our flagship cement plant in Mainland China, which has been in operation since 2013, together with a supporting waste heat power generation system.

In April 2018, we acquired Yunfu Xiangli Cement Company Limited, a cement grinding plant and jetty facilities in Yunfu City.




Shipping Business


The division handles the ocean shipping transportation of raw material required by the cement operation of the Group. Materials include limestone and clinker using Handymax and Panamax size vessels. The shipping agency arm renders shipping agency services in Hong Kong for ships calling into Hong Kong.


Limestone Business


Lazi Bay Resources Development Inc. is a joint venture between Green Island Cement Group and a Philippines partner. The joint venture is licensed to mine, process and export high quality limestone from the quarry at Lazi Bay, Siquijor in the Philippines.

Lazi Bay Resources Development Inc.,是青洲英坭集團與菲律賓合作夥伴的合資企業。該合資企業獲准從菲律賓錫基霍爾拉子灣的採石場開採、加工和出口優質石灰石。

Asphalt Business


Anderson Asphalt Limited (AAL) was formed in 1977 and is one of the market leaders in the supplying and laying of bituminous products for the construction industry.

AAL provides effective paving and pavement materials (including recycled materials) for high and low speed roads, steel deck suspension bridges, concrete bridges and viaducts, airport runways and heavy-duty container ports.



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