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We treasure our brand name and commit to provide our customers the best value products and services.


We are the only cement manufacturer in Hong Kong. Besides providing reliable and high quality cement products to our clients, our team always partners with clients to strive for the best solution to fit their business need.


Our lab staff conducting product testing Our lab staff conducting product testing

We utilize computer-automated production system to manage the production process to ensure high quality products are manufactured through our production line.


Product Quality Assurance

Our laboratory checks every batch of raw materials to ensure our product quality is guaranteed from the source. Semi-products from each unit operation are drawn and tested by the POLAB Laboratory Automation System installed. This provides a pro-active adaptive control to the whole production process and to ensure consistent and stable products are produced.

We then cross-check our final dispatch products based on international standards and provide mill certificates to our customers. This testing process not only provides a compliance test on all chemical and physical parameters of our products, but also provides a statistical control for the product certification. GIC is proud to be the first company in Hong Kong to have all its cement products certified by an external certification body under the product certification scheme on Portland Cement since 2011.

In order to safeguard testing quality, our laboratory was accredited by the Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme HOKLAS, under the scope of construction materials. We have been accredited ISO 9001 for our manufacturing process, which forms the backbone of our quality assurance system.




為確保檢測質素,青洲英坭的實驗室獲得香港實驗所認可計劃(HOKLAS)在建築材料方面的認證。我們的生產系統是質量保證體系不可或缺的一部分,亦通過ISO 9001認證。



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