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Continuous Innovation持續創新

We are proud of our leadership in introducing new technologies to the industry, and continue to do so by engaging in innovation, research, partnership and new business opportunities.


We always welcome innovation and adopt advanced technology to improve operation flow. We also encourage innovative ideas in developing new projects as well as in daily trouble shooting, so as to achieve the result of "small changes making huge improvements".


Virtual Reality Safety Training

Virtual Reality (“VR”) Safety Training was introduced for employees in 2020. We provide assistance, guidance and VR devices for staff to participate in interactive safety training through a virtual environment. VR training enables employees to immerse themselves in a simulated environment reflecting different real-world hazardous scenarios, such as working above ground, lifting operations and electrical hazards. They can also carry out practice exercises within site-specific scenarios, without causing risk to themselves or the property. It also enhances the efficiency of training and avoids interrupting our facilities and production.

Making mistakes in training under a real-world scenario would be potentially hazardous, while VR training offers an opportunity for staff to learn from their mistakes under a virtual environment. During the training, the trainee is given a situation in which they have to make their decision based on safety considerations. They will experience the consequence if they make the wrong decision. For instance, if they do not wear safety harness when working on a mobile platform in the VR situation, they will fall from a height. This gives them a virtual falling experience, and a reviewing session is subsequently provided to recap the correct safety information.




The GIC Mobile App Development

To facilitate the communication with employees and improve the operation efficiency, a corporate mobile app (GIC Mobile) was launched in 2018. Over the years, it has been continuously enhanced and now includes the following features:

  • CEO Blog / Company News
  • Document Library / Phonebook
  • Information Portals:
    1. Occupational Health and Safety
    2. Integrated Management System
    3. COVID-19
  • Leave / Attendance Records
  • E-Payslips
  • E-Learning / Training Enrolment
  • E-Forms / Internal Surveys
  • Company Coach Information
  • Company Event Live Streaming

In the coming future, our IT department will continue to innovate and implement more useful features, making it an indispensable tool for all employees.


為加強與員工的溝通,以提升營運效率,公司在2018年推出企業手機應用程式(GIC Mobile),經過多年來不斷改良,現已具備以下功能:

  • 行政總裁網誌 / 公司最新消息
  • 文件庫 / 電話簿
  • 信息平台:
    1. 職業安全與健康
    2. 綜合管理系統
    3. 新冠肺炎相關資訊
  • 假期 / 出勤紀錄
  • 電子糧單
  • 線上學習 / 培訓報名
  • 電子表格 / 內部問卷調查
  • 公司廠車資訊
  • 公司活動直播

在未來,我們的資訊科技部將繼續創新並在GIC Mobile內加入更多有用的功能,使其成為員工不可或缺的工具。


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